Oscar Narud

Keel Series Bench,
Oscar Narud, 2010.
Photo: Nick Moss


Pewter Stool,
Max Lamb, 2006.
Photo: Nick Moss

Oscar Narud /

Oscar Narud's designs centre around our daily domestic rituals and habits, often drawing inspiration from the temporary or homemade possibilities of our everyday landscape. Narud's aesthetic is driven by simplicity and functionality, alongside a keen interest in drawing and making. Simple materials, processes and structural elements are highlighted and become the focal point of many of his designs. Humour also plays a role in his work, which he suggests is "an alternative to using expensive materials, processes or excessive styling - increasing the value but not the cost".

Narud was born in Oslo, and studied at Central St Martins and the Royal College of Art, London. He has worked for celebrated studios such as El Ultimo Grito and Nigel Coates and is a founding member of the nine-strong OKAY design collective in North London, from where he runs his practice.

Brent Dzekciorius on Keel Series Bench "Narud's modular, slot-leg system utilised in the Keel Series was a response to traditional Norwegian furniture and inspired by the drop-down keels in small sailboats. The initial pieces from Keel require the sand cast legs to slot into routed holes in a wooden tabletop. The bench inverts this relationship. Its iron legs provide housing for the two wooden planks that compose the seat. Fully durable, these works are equally easy to set up or knock down as many times as needed and provide an intelligent solution for flat pack shipping or storage in small spaces."

Michael Marriott on Keel Series Bench "By focusing on one of the most ancient engineering principles known to man, Narud has generated a series of forms that all feed off the nature of wedging. The finished objects hold some of that direct basic force found in machinery and equipment made during the industrial revolution, and with a similarly utilitarian vernacular."

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Signatures - Oscar Narud
Film and Sound: Federico Urdaneta
2012, 2'