Peter Marigold

SEXES, 2012,
Peter Marigold.
Photo: Nick Moss


Pewter Stool,
Max Lamb, 2006.
Photo: Nick Moss

Peter Marigold /

Working directly with materials, Peter Marigold approaches furniture design as a formal sculptural activity; a reflection of his previous training as a sculptor and career in theatre scenography: "I am very edgy about letting other people build my stuff. When it comes to finished objects, I find I fall out of love with them a bit if I didn't make them". He enjoys exploring the basic qualities of materials, commonly wood, often using reclamation as a starting point for new ideas and forms: "I live next to this huge source of materials [wood]... If I lived next to a scrapyard I would probably be more into metal".

Like fellow Raw Craft exhibitors Oscar Narud and Tomás Alonso, Marigold is part of London design collective OKAY Studio. He designs one-off works as well as pieces for mass production. In 2009 he was awarded one of the four Designer of the Future awards by Design Miami.

Brent Dzekciorius on MALAYALAM "Marigold initiated his Palindrome Series as a 2008 Design Miami Designer of the Future. An innovative use of a traditional box-casting process, the Palindrome Series may represent the first time a wooden mould has been reincorporated into the final piece. The series successfully highlights the mould's material qualities, celebrates imperfection, eliminates waste from the process and is a beautiful exploration of symmetry and negative space in a functional object."

Michael Marriott on MALAYALAM "This cabinet is part of a slightly eccentric, process-driven project titled the Palindrome Series, which consists of a number of pieces, all made by moulding one half of each piece in jesmonite, in a wooden mould. The wooden mould is then used to make the other half, making for a slightly off-centred symmetry, in two materials sharing the same surfaces and scars. It's in many ways more like a ceramic teapot than a piece of furniture, informed by the logic of mould making, slip-casting and how the different components are assembled."

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Signatures - Peter Marigold
Film and Sound: Federico Urdaneta
2012, 2'