Seongyong Lee

Plytube Stool,
Seongyong Lee, 2010.
Photo: Nick Moss


Pewter Stool,
Max Lamb, 2006.
Photo: Nick Moss

Seongyong Lee /

Seongyong Lee's practice is based on a belief that making should be responsible as well as creative. Although outwardly simple, his designs reveal a profound and highly innovative engagement with materials and process. Lee particularly rethinks traditional material use and making in his furniture designs. He combines handcrafting skills and a strong understanding of the principles of mass production: "I wanted to find the right point of contact between mass production and craft to make the next step in creating a better everyday life". The result lies in designs that are structurally logical, intuitive to use, and beautiful to look at.

Lee graduated with an MA in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London, in 2010. His Plytube series was nominated for Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011, and was acquired for the permanent collection at the Design Museum, London.

Brent Dzekciorius on Plytube Stool "Plytube is Lee's RCA graduate project and his first work in wood. Lee's love of industrial production and respect for craft are well represented in this series. The perfection of the pieces is an interesting deception, in that they are immaculately crafted handworks rather than industrial products, a common first impression. Inspired by standard cardboard tubing and its construction principles, Plytube is an incredible innovation as both architectural material and furniture design. The series defines a new language of joinery alongside deftly crafted veneers and stacked laminations. The pieces are lightweight but sacrifice nothing in strength. A fully functional Plytube Stool weighs a mere 820g, an impeccably economic use of material."

Michael Marriott on Plytube Stool "Inspired after investigating the manufacture of cardboard tubes, these pieces are in a way illustrations of the potential of a new type of sub-material: plywood tubes. Made in the same way as card ones, but laboriously handcrafted with some simple but sophisticated and ingenious thinking and jig making. This marks a new type of craft making inspired by industrial machinery and ingenuity."

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Signatures - Seongyong Lee
Film and Sound: Federico Urdaneta
2012, 2'

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The Making of Plytube - Seongyong Lee
Film: Mijin Park
2012, 2'