Simon Jones

Wooden Trestles,
Simon Jones, 2010–2012.
Photo: Nick Moss


Pewter Stool,
Max Lamb, 2006.
Photo: Nick Moss

Simon Jones /

Simon Jones is an architect, designer and maker. He runs a multidisciplinary studio in London and works on a range of scales, from architecture, to exhibitions, to furniture. He designs buildings and installations to be built by others, but also has a workshop from which he makes fittings and fixtures for his projects, as well as prototypes and small production batches of furniture. Inspired by familiar typologies such as the trestle, Jones attempts to refine or add functionality by making his own versions: "I test, re-make, re-test and re-make until the process and the piece seem resolved".

Prior to setting up his own practice in 2010, he was a project architect with Tony Fretton Architects and 6a Architects. He has exhibited his furniture internationally, and is an undergraduate architectural design tutor at London Metropolitan University.

Brent Dzekciorius on Wooden Trestle "A trained architect, Jones' adventures in furniture construction take on a practical approach both for necessity and personal values. These nesting trestles are a significantly more refined version of an old carpenter's saw horse. Typically cumbersome and inconvenient to navigate or store, Jones' version is a monumental improvement over the original. Wooden Trestle is designed so it can stack when not in use, and can be taken apart for flat pack shipping and convenient storage. Jones utilises a basic scissor join, five lengths of timber and six screws, opting to maintain only the essential parts and affording access to all."

Michael Marriott on Wooden Trestle "Appearing at the same time as an almost random bundle of sticks, as well as an elegantly poised pure structure, these deceptively simple looking pieces are the result of some years of revisiting and refining that old workhorse of the utilitarian standby, the trestle. Like the simple wooden chair, it's a difficult animal to improve upon, having evolved through use and making over hundreds of years. What makes these stand out is the level of refinement and poetry in their thinking and building."

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Signatures – Simon Jones
Film and Sound: Federico Urdaneta
2012, 2'