Tomás Alonso

Side Table for an Apple,
Tomás Alonso, 2011.
Photo: Nick Moss


Pewter Stool,
Max Lamb, 2006.
Photo: Nick Moss

Tomás Alonso /

When asked to describe his approach to design, Tomás Alonso states that "everything is there because it makes sense". The designer's work presents solutions for urban, space-starved living, which are minimal, honest and functional. His work commonly brings together wood and metal, elegantly contrasting both materials, while using their individual strengths to give his furniture its characteristic adaptability. He cites inspiration from "living life and observing the people around you; visits to workshops and factories, from small artisan workshops to big production plants with specialised equipment... if you understand how something is made, you also understand the potential it has".

Alonso is a co-founder of London design collective OKAY Studio, with fellow graduates from the Royal College of Art, London, including Peter Marigold and Oscar Narud, also represented in Raw Craft. Alongside his studio practice, Alonso has worked for Nigel Coates Studio and teaches at ƒCAL, University of Art and Design, Lausanne.

Brent Dzekciorius on Side Table for an Apple "Alonso's strict minimalist language threads through all of his work and is visible from his collaborations with Camper, the Spanish shoe company, to his work with the London Design Museum. His rationally concise and spatially economic Side Table for an Apple is based on a very simplistic cantilevering principle allowing height adjustments by simply sliding the table top along an aluminium post. Without any mechanical connection, the top solely relies on its weight to stay in place at any position along the post. The top can be removed for ease of storage, or to function as a tray."

Michael Marriott on Side Table for an Apple "Everyday physical principles, friction and gravity are the essential ingredients in this quietly sophisticated side table. A tapered square hole in the top allows you to very easily slide it to your chosen height. The base and stem are made from an extruded aluminium construction system usually used to build parts of industrial facilities. This standard system, simply cut to length then anodised in a range of muted colours, allows bolts to be slid within the square section, affording the knuckle joint at the base."

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Signatures - Tomás Alonso
Film and Sound: Federico Urdaneta
2012, 2'